Microscope Service and Maintenance _______________________


Microscope Service and Maintenance

Below are the details of our standard service procedure performed on all microscopes submitted for service.

EmCal Student Microscope Maintenance and Repair Service

  • Cleaning of all parts, lubricate if needed, Set proper focusing tensions for drift control, Repair all components as necessary.
  • Repair parts will be quoted as needed for approval before any repairs are started.
  • Clean body, frame, condenser and illumination systems, Entire optical system including eyepieces(s), cleaned, aligned and inspected for image quality, clarity and resolution.
  • Replace broken, defective or missing parts (parts quoted at additional cost with 20% discount). These include missing stage clips, eye guards, microscope covers and rubber feet.
  • Check parfocality of objective lenses for continuity of focus through the magnification changes. Check and reset the stage stop protector if needed.
  • Check electrical system for function, safety, and alignment. Replace bulbs, cords, plugs, switches, rheostats as needed (parts quoted at additional cost with a 20% discount).
  • "Student proofing" of all component parts to prevent damage and removal of parts (eyepieces, eyetubes, heads, objective lenses, stage clips, mechanical stages, focusing knobs, illuminators, etc.). This includes securing all components to the unit and will require prior approval of the school.
  • Complete performance checks of all mechanical, focusing and optical systems, will be performed and temporary dust covers will be included with each unit.
  • Service log listing serial numbers, property tag numbers (if available), with descriptions of services performed, and a service tag on the base of each microscope.
  • In the event major repairs are required for any of the units, the school will be contacted and a "major repair proposal" will be submitted for approval before any work of this nature is initiated.

Price for services as outlined above is $23.00 per microscope and is limited to service on microscopes commonly considered K-12 type student compound or student stereo microscopes.  They do not include microscopes commonly known as phase contrast, polarization, metallurgical, research grade stereos, inverted scopes or video microscopes, with or without a built-in camera.

EmCal has another service schedule for these microscope types.

Time and travel expenses for locations in excess of 15 miles one way will be added to all service quotations.

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