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 Genelyte Standard Probe Station

Founded in 1986, EmCal Scientific, Inc.™ is a nationally known manufacturer of micro and macro video imaging systems and accessories. We have become recognized in science and industrial education circles for the excellent quality and remarkably low prices of our imaging products.

EmCal Scientific™ is also a supplier and national source for several major brands of microscopes that are used in educational, research, clinical, and industrial applications

EmCal's staff members have diverse backgrounds in engineering, advanced biology, clinical product development, as well as microscopy. We are well qualified to understand your applications and carry them through the hundreds of imaging products to a solution that matches your needs and budget.

Optical and imaging instruments are complex and often require a significant investment. As such, we believe that, in a lot of cases, a website is at best a guide and not a substitute for an informed technical representative who listens to your needs and helps you reach the buying decision that is best for you. Whether you're looking for a $25,000 probe station for semiconductor wafers or a $150 graduation gift for your student scientist, if you bring us the opportunity to work with you, we will ask questions, listen to you carefully, and then do our best to direct you toward the product that fits your needs and budget. 

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Some of our suppliers limit the maximum advertised discounts we may display.  Please contact us to check for current special sales and prices in effect on the items you are considering.

Products on our website are available to international customers as well as customers within the United States at the same prices. Use of our on-line store to order is limited to deliveries within the United States. Customers may use a US bank card, such as, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express or PayPal. We also accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, or PayPal as alternate methods for prepayment for international orders. Most educational institutions and business organizations with established credit may order offline with net 30 terms using a bona fide purchase order.
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