Mycrocam XGA Hi Res

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Model: EM08061

Universal Digital Video Camera to Microscope System
No need for a trinocular scope – No need for a computer

Our new XGA camera locks on to any microscope eyepiece
and brings you digital image quality without the need for a computer


  • XGA – 1024 X 768 high definition imaging.
  • Triple chip (3CCD), real time progressive scan, 60fps at full frame.
  • Manual exposure and separate 24 bit RGB controls
  • Selectable black or white crosshair lines.
  • Easy lock-on attachment to any microscope.
  • Macro lens for dissection or document imaging.
  • Connects direct to any computer monitor, projector or TV monitor with a VGA input. 


  • ½”  3-CCD MycroCam™ XGA color video camera.
  • 12mm Trilock™ scope adaptor with spacer ring for switching from compound to stereo microscopes.
  • 5 volt DC power supply and 6’ VGA monitor cable.

The Trilock™ adaptors – three magnification choices

The Trilock™ microscope adaptors are available in three lens formats for ½” chip cameras.  The most common, 12 mm lens, is ideal for most microscopes and for document imaging where a full field of view is desired. 

The 16mm lens produces a narrower field of view with some over-magnification that is useful for enlarging microscope  images, photos and documents for the visually impaired.
The 25mm lens produces a very narrow field of view and, using this camera, will double the magnification of your microscope    images. It’s especially useful for in-vivo studies where the use of a 100X (oil immersion) objective may be difficult. 



Model AV3800
Resolution 1024 x 768
Pixel size 5.2 x 5.2 µ m
Optical size 1/2.5"
Color depth 8:8:8 true color RGB (24 bit)
Frame rate Full frame 60fps@1024 x 768
RGB gain R, G, B adjustable separately
Output interface Standard PC graphic output interface, D-sub 15 pin analog signal
Sensitivity model High sensitivity/Normal
Exposure time Manual exposure control
Lens mount C-Mount
Crosshair On/Off ; Color/Black or White
Power DC 5V, 1A (enclosed)
Dimension 70mm x 52mm x 51mm
Operation moisture 20% - 80%
Operation temperature 0 - 60°C


MSRP: $1,149.00

Emcal Price: $849.00

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Mycrocam™ XGA Hi Res

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