EmCal Prepared Slides - Mammalian Physiology

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EmCal provides prepared slide sets at discounted prices to meet the needs of General Biology as well as some specialized curricula. They are pre-packaged in slotted protective boxes and are available with fifteen slides to a set. They are an excellent representation of the slides most commonly studied in elementary through college level biology courses.


601 Human Lung w/ Cancer
602 Human Lung Tissue
603 Epithelial Tissue – sarcoma cappozzi
604 Lymph Node w/ Cancer cells (sec)
605 Decalcified Bone (sec)
606 Liver Mammal (sec)
607 Human Nerves (sec); white matter
608 Cerebral Cortex; gray matter (sec)
609 Skeletal Muscle (l.s/c.s)
610 Ovary; cow or other mammal
611 Ovum (Ovule); cow or other mammal
612 Sperm
613 Spermary (sec)
614 Red & White Blood Cells; Human
615 Artery & Vein (t.s)

If you prefer to create your own customized set(s), for example, one box of 15 of the same slide, please do not hestiate to contact us. We will be happy to provide your with a quotation.

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