EmCal Prepared Slides - Wonderful World of Small Organisms

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EmCal provides prepared slide sets at discounted prices to meet the needs of General Biology as well as some specialized curricula. They are pre-packaged in slotted protective boxes and are available with fifteen slides to a set. They are an excellent representation of the slides most commonly studied in elementary through college level biology courses.


501 Bird feather
502 Bee leg - wm
503 Butterfly mouth parts - wm
504 House fly wing - wm
505 Aphis - wm
506 Honey bee mouth parts - wm
507 Planaria - wm
508 Hydra - wm
509 Daphnia - wm
510 Trachurus trichiura - wm
511 Single cell zoo - wm
512 Mosquito larva - wm
513 Fish scales
514 Insect compound eye - sec
515 Paramecium division - wm

If you prefer to create your own customized set(s), for example, one box of 15 of the same slide, please do not hestiate to contact us. We will be happy to provide your with a quotation.

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