Stereolyte™ Embryo Transfer Microscope

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Our Stereolyte™ ET scope is a rugged professionally designed stereo microscope with optics that are specially configured for both phases of the embryo collection process, and a transmitted illumination mirror base that guarantees a heat free environment.

The Stereolyte™ ET unit comes with objectives that zoom from 6.5X up to 45X and includes 20X widefield eyepieces. This optical combination provides an available zoom ratio of nearly 7 to 1, and yields a magnification range of 13X – 90X

At the low end, your 13X gives you enough magnification with a wide field view to conduct the searching and recovery process while the 90X at the other end of the zoom range is an ideal magnification for your inspection and grading process to determine the embryos’ quality.  

Also note from the optical chart that, if needed, there is a wide range of auxiliary eyepieces and objective lenses available to expand on those that have been included. 


  • MAGNIFICATION:    13X – 90X
  • FIELD OF VIEW:  21mm – 3mm
  • OBSERVATION BODY:  45° Inclined  360° Rotatable
  • STAGE:  95mm ∅ Stage Plate


  Objective 0.65 - 4.5X 0.65 - 4.5X 0.65 - 4.5X 0.65 - 4.5X 0.65 - 4.5X
Eyepiece Auxiliary lens - .05X 0.75X 1.5X 2.0X
WF10X Total Magnification 6.5X-45X 3.3X-22.5X 4.9X-33.8X 9.8X-67.5X 13X-90X
  Field Diameter 30.7-4.4mm 61.4-8.9mm 41-5.9mm 20.5-3mm 15.4-2.2mm
WF15X Total Magnification 9.8X-67.5X 4.9X-33.8X 7.3X-50.6X 14.6X-101.3X 19.5X-135X
  Field Diameter 24.6-3.5mm 49.2-7.1mm 32.8-4.7mm 16.4-2.4mm 12.3-1.8mm
WF20X Total Magnification 13X-90X 6.5X-45X 9.75X-67.5X 19.5X-135X 26X-180X
  Field Diameter 20-2.9mm 40-5.8mm 26.6-3.8mm 13.3-1.9mm 10-1.4mm
WF25X Total Magnification 16.3X-112.5X 8.1X-56.3X 12.2X-84.4X 24.4X-168.8X 32.5X-225X
  Field Diameter 18.5-2.6mm 36.9-5.3mm 24.6-3.5mm 12.3-1.8mm 9.2-1.3mm
WF30X Total Magnification 19.5X-135X 9.8X-67.5X 14.6X-101.3X 29.3X-202.5X 39X-270X
  Field Diameter 13.8-2mm 27.6-4mm 18.4-3.5mm 9.2-1.6mm 6.9-1mm
  Working Distance 100mm 160mm 120mm 40mm 25mm


Trinocular option comes complete with a 0.5X Video Coupler with adjustable focus.

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