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The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance.


The new BA210 series is setting a new standard in microscope performance through inprovements both in optical and mechanical features. Designed to be used in Educational Life Science, Medical as well as a variety of biological applications, this new microscope is built around Motic's complete understanding of the daily demands placed on the standard educational microscope.

Student proof features together with a new generation of EF-N Plan Achromatic objectives provide a fully corrected intermediate image for crisp and clear visual and digital results.

The BA210 is a robust student instrument that brings professional, repeatable image quality results to all of its intended applications.


  • Observation Tubes
  • Ergonomic 30 degree viewing angle
  • 55-75mm interpupillary distance
  • Large field of view with 18mm or 20mm options
  • Binocular, Trinocular (with 20/80 or 0/100 light split)


  • N-WF 10x/18mm
  • N-WF 10x/20mm
  • N-WF 15x/13.3mm
  • N-WF 12.5x/16mm


Magnification N.A.  W.D (mm)
EF-N Plan 4x 0.1 6.3
EF-N Plan 10x 0.25 4.4
EF-N Plan 20x 0.4 4.66
EF-N Plan 40x 0.65 0.35
EF-N Plan 60x 0.85 0.13
EF-N Plan 100x 1.25 0.13
EF-N Plan Phase 10x   0.25 4.4
EF-N Plan Phase 40x  0.65   0.35


  • 6V/30W Halogen
  • 3W LED


  • Abbe 1.25NA with slot for accessories and condenser lock available


  • Hard Coated Mechanical Stage with 76x30mm travel range
  • Left or Right Stage drive available


  • Simple Phase Contrast 10x and 40x sliders for condenser
  • Darkfield slider for condenser
  • Simple Polarization with analyser and polarizer

Binocular MSRP: $1091.00
EmCal Price: $981.00

Trinocular MSRP: $1270.00
EmCal Price: $1143.00

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