Motic Advanced Upright Microscope

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The new BA310 is designed for the rigors of daily routine work specifically for diverse applications in Haematology and Cytology.


The demands placed on any routine microscope for daily work needs careful focus on every microscope detail. The new BA310 features a powerful adjustable light source to meet both delicate and detailed lighting requirements for all sample types while the fully featured Koehler illumination helps in highlighting even the weakest stained specimens.

New CCIS EF-N Plan Achromat objectives provide optimal image contrast through newly designed multi-layer lens coatings.


  • Observation Tubes
  • Ergonomic 30 degree viewing angle
  • 55-75mm interpupillary distance
  • Wide 20mm field of view
  • Binocular, Trinocular (with 20/80 or 0/100 light split)


  • N-WF 10x/20mm
  • N-WF 15x/13.3mm
  • N-WF 12.5x/16mm Objectives
Magnification N.A. W.D (mm)
EF-N Plan 4x 0.1 6.3
EF-N Plan 10x 0.25 4.4
EF-N Plan 20x 0.4 4.66
EF-N Plan 40x 0.65 0.35
EF-N Plan 60x 0.85 0.13
EF-N Plan 100x 1.25 0.13
EF-N Plan Phase 10x 0.25 4.4
EF-N Plan Phase 40x  0.65  0.35


  • 6V/30W Halogen
  • 3W LED


  • Full Koehler 0.9/1.25 NA


  • Hard Coated Mechanical Stage with 76x50mm travel range
  • Left or Right Stage drive available


  • Simple Phase Contrast 10x and 40x sliders for condenser with EF-N Plan objectives
  • Full Phase Contrast 1.25NA Turret Condenser (BF, 10xPh, 20xPh, 40xPh, 100xPH) or (BF, DF, 10xPh, 40xPh, 100xPh) with Plan Phase Objectives
  • Darkfield slider for condenser
  • Simple Polarization with analyser and polarizer
  • Multi-Viewing Device available as Side-By-Side or Face-To-Face

Binocular MSRP: $1433.00
EmCal Price: $1289.00

Trinocular MSRP: $1612.00
EmCal Price: $1450.00

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