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The Motic BA310Pol microscope offers superb optical performance and flexibility in system expansion that can be applied to thin section petrography, mineralogy, industrial and medical applications.  


CCIS (Color Corrected Infinity System)
To meet changing demands of different applications for a polarizing microscope, unique CCIS infinity optics are employed to give high performance and system versatility.

Base Design
Highly stable and robust symmetrical Pyramid design and T-shaped base.

Intermediate Tube
Positioned between microscope stand and the eyepiece tube, the intermediate tube has a slide-type analyzer with a large rotation control dial for easy adjustment and accurate reading through rotations of 360 degrees. The built-in focusable and centerable Bertrand lens allows conoscopic observation. The built-in depolarizer remains in the optical path when the analyzer is removed. The intermediate tube is also provide with a (20mm x 6mm) DIN compensator slot.

Reversed Centering Quadruple Nosepiece
The centerable quadruple nosepiece is provided with the means to center three objectives to a fourth reference objective. The configured models come with CCIS EC Plan strain free objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, and 60x.

Motic's CCIS EC Strain free objectives are designated CCIS P and are manufactured to the same specifications as Motic's proprietary infinity optics (CCIS) system. The objectives provide images that are crisp and clear with high contrast and minimal flare.

Precision Rotating Stage
The 360 degree pre-centered and rotatable stage is an integral part of the microscope body providing for greater stability and enhanced accuracy. The stage incorporates a high precision ball bearing movement with extremely accurate one degree increments to a tenth of a degree. The stage diameter is 160mm.

The polarizer mounted under the condenser rotates 360 degrees with click stops every 90 degrees.

The achromat, strain free condenser (N.A. 0.90) with the swing-out top lens provides even illumination down to 4x, and a high aperture illumination for conoscopy.

The BA300Pol utilizes a 6-volt 30 watt quartz halogen Koehler illuminator for economical and trouble-free illumination.

A selection of different types of compensators is offered for determination of the character of birefringence and for the measuring of phase differences. The following compensators are available for use in the intermediate tube slot:
Full-wave plate λ = 550mm: First-Order Red (Tint Plate).
Quarter-wave plate λ/4 = 140mm.
edge compensator 1-4 λ order 550mm-2200mm.

Anti-Fungal Treatment
Anti-fungal chemical agents sealed inside objectives, eyepieces and observation tubes, slowly convert from a solid state to a gaseous state and produce an anti-fungal vapor that is harmless to the microscope and that helps protect optical components in tropical or other fungus-prone environments.


  • Binocular or Trinocular head Siedentopf type 30° inclined.
  • Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece WFPL10X/20mm with diopter.
  • adjustment on both eyepieces, cross hair on one eyepiece.
  • Intermediate Tube with Rotatable Analyzer and Bertrand Lens.
  • Reversed quadruple nosepiece.
  • CCIS EC Plan Strain-free Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 60X(S)
  • 360º Circular Rotating Stage.
  • Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A.0.9/0.13 (strain-free).
  • Rotatable Polarizer.
  • Blue filter, power cord, 2.5mm allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover.
  • Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with intensity control.
  • Universal Power Supply 100-240V

(Contact us before purchase to validate your configuration and Request a Quotation on any of the following items)

  • Strain-free EC Plan Objective: 20X, SG01S03134X $254.00
  • λ (full wavelength) Tint Plate (first order red), SG0699A4 $97.00
  • 1/4 λ (quarter wavelength) Retardation Plate, SG0699A5 $107.00
  • Quartz Wedge, SG0699A6 $403.00
  • Mechanical Stage, SP030014 $388.00
  • 1X Video Adapter (no lens, c-mount), SP100350 $139.00
  • 0.65X Video Adapter for 2/3" Chip Sensors (c-mount), SP100384 $139.00
  • 0.5X Video Adapter for 1/2" Chip Sensors (c-mount), SW0113N3 $139.00
  • Photo Adapter (requires one eyepiece below), SP100294 $113.00
  • Photo Eyepiece: 2.5X, SG02S1001 $195.00
  • Photo Eyepiece: 4X, SG02S1101 $153.00
  • Yellow Filter, SG060728 $17.00
  • Green Interference Filter, SG060726 $17.00
  • Ground Glass Filter (Didymium), SG06070H $68.00
  • Neutral Density Fitler, SG060768 $18.00
  • Spare Quartz Halogen Lamp 6V/30W, SE060215 $17.00
Binocular MSRP: $3,569.00 EmCal Binocular Price: $3212.00
Trinocular MSRP: $3,722.00 EmCal Trinocular Price: $3349.00

Often our manufacturers limit the discounts that dealers may publish on our websites.  Before buying please contact us and check for "GSA", "convention" or "seasonal" special prices that will far exceed those listed above.

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