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A class leading inverted microscope offering upscale research functions in the routine realm.


The AE30/31 is an inverted microscope for the routine realm, but offers upscale research functions, such as fluorescence and an externally mounted and centrable 30W/6V halogen Koehler illumination. Complementing the uniform illumination is the ELWD 0.30 N.A. condenser with its 72mm working distance for large sample and carriers, which can be adjusted and centered to provide the optimum amount of illumination for each sample. Furthermore, the condenser is equipped with a slider stop for the equipped standard centrable PH 1 and PH 3 Phase slider. An optional LWD 0.50 N.A. condenser [WD=28mm] is available should the need arise.

Driven for applications, the AE30/31 incorporates the Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®] to power system expansions and to produce, along with the CCIS® Plan Achromat inverted objectives, crisp, flat and high contrast images in field flatness up to F.N.22. These images can be viewed for hours upon hours in fatigue free manner thanks to the comfortable 45° observation angle and viewing height of 380mm [400mm – trinocular], which is the ideal height from the laboratory tabletop to the users’ eyepieces. Assisting the angle is the Siedentopf system [50-70mm] for setting the correct interpupillary distance and the adjustable high eye point WF10X eyepiece, which can be adjusted ±5° for individual astigmatism and aligning reticules.

Supporting all these applications and functions is the AE30/31's stable inverted "Y" designed stand. The inverted "Y" provides the necessary stability and weight distribution to handle the attachment of Epi-fluorescence and other accessories. The stand features low position focus mechanisms to alleviate wrist strain while adjusting the focus at 1mm minimum increments throughout the 10mm stroke range. The stage sits at a height of 207mm for rapid sample changes. A universal mechanical stage [tilted adjustment] is available as an option plus a series of Petri dish holders.


  • CCIS optics
  • Field flatness up to F.N. 22
  • Centrable ELWD 0.30 N.A. condenser [WD=72mm]
  • Standard centrable Phase Contrast slider [PH 1/PH 3]
  • Externally mounted and centrable 30W/6V quartz halogen illumination
  • Epi-fluorescence attachment available


Fluorescence – The AE-30/31 system is designed to accept an attachable Epi-Fluorescence illuminator capable of handling fluorescence microscopy markers FITC to GFP. The attachment inserts into the back of the AE-30/31 stand with filter selection located near the focus control mechanism. 


MODEL AE30 Binocular AE31 Trinocular
Optical System Color Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
Observation Tube Seidentopf Widefield
Binocular 45°[F.N. 22]
Seidentopf Widefield Trinocular 45°
[F.N. 22] - light distribution 20/80
Seidentopf Widefield Trinocular 45°
[F.N. 22] - light distribution 0/100
Viewing Height 380mm 400mm
Nosepiece Quintuple, left-handed tilt
Stage Fixed Stage Stage size: 200x260mm, Stage Height: 207mm, Auxiliary stage available
Mechanical universal attachable mechanical stage with well plate holders, 35mm, 54mm, and 65mm petri dish holders, Haemacytometer holder
Condenser ELWD N.A. 0.30 (W.D. 72mm) slider stop, focusable; LWD N.A. 0.50 (W.D. 28mm) slider stop, focusable for objectives 4X to 40X
Slider Centrable phase slider [PH 1, PH 3, 1 empty position]
Illumination Source 6V/30W Quartz Halogen externally mounted and centrable lamp; built-in heat absorbing filters with removable diffuser
Aperture Lever mechanism 0.2mm - 30mm
Filter holder Built into condenser for 45mm Blue, Ground Glass, and Green Interference filters
Focus Z-axis movement via nosepiece with 10mm stroke movement; 1µm minimum increment; silicon coated
Eyepieces WF PL 10X/22mm focusable; WF PL 10X/22mm with cross hair; WF PL 12.5X/17/5mm focusable; WF PL 15X/14.5mm focusable
Objectives CCIS® Plan Achromat Inverted; CCIS® Plan Achromat LWD Inverted; CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase Inverted; CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase LWD Inverted
Epi-Fluorescence Attachment 3-cassette slider; HBO 100W centrable lamp housing;
heat absorbing filter; light shield plate
Documentation Photomicrography 2.5X SLR Projection Lens, 2.5X and 4X photo eyepiece
Digital/Video 0.5X c-mount camera adapter [1/2" chip sensor] 0.65X c-mount camera adapter [2/3" chip sensor] 1.0X c-mount camera adapter [no lens]
Power Consumption Universal power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 35W

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EmCal Price: $2884.00


Trinocular MSRP: $3625.00
EmCal Price: $3262.00

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