Mycrolyte™ Digital 2.0 MP Standard 10 to 1 Zoom

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Join the professionals in education, research and industry whose imaging system needs require high quality and versatility in all four parameters:
High resolution - Optical clarity - Positioning precision - Lighting variation

Examine the benefits of our new Mycrolyte™ system that combines the versatility of a professional, 10 to 1 zoom, tele-macro video lens with a research grade, 2.0 megapixel camera, an LED illuminator, and a vibration free work station with an articulating arm that gives you precise and stable positioning at nearly any angle.

Position your camera as close as 5" for the high, 6X to 60X, magnification range you can attain on a 20" monitor. Or move the camera back as far as 16" and widen the field of view, reducing your magnification from 1.3X to 13 X. (Excellent for behavioral studies)


Use your digital camera to turn your microscope into a video unit. It adapts to any trinocular port.


  • Select btween our 2.0 megapixel, 1/2" sensor, high resolution  with Toolbox™ software, (see camera & software specs).
  • Mycrolyte Standard™ workstation, 16" X 19", with articulating arm and variable angle focus block, (bonder arm), for positioning your camera in any direction.
  • 10 - 1 zoom lens, for high magnification close-ups or wide-angle shots at longer working distances.
  • Our new attachable 48 array LED ring illuminator with variable intensity control.



And consider three of our most popular Mycrolyte™ accessories:

  • Our Slim-Lyte™ illuminator to backlight translucent specimens - AT4000
  • Video Tools plug-in software for time lapse video - ES-10TL
  • Focuslock Software for converting image segments at different focal points into one in-focus image - ES-10FL


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