Mycrolyte - V™ Digital Compact Zoom

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 Polarization and Variable Darkfield Video Imaging System.
Join the thousands in education, research and industry
whose imaging needs go beyond overhead light.

Expand your imaging efforts for teaching, or conducting experiments on translucent biological, earth science, and geological specimens.

Experience the benefits of our Mycrolyte™ Compact video system that combines our 18 - 108 mm, 6 - 1 zoom lens with our patented Varilyte™ variable darkfield illumination feature for life sciences, and polarized light for geological study.

Check out the incredible image variations that you can create when you vary a darkfield light on specimens such as invertebrates, botanical segments and thin mineral sections.

Same thin section sample viewed with two different polarity settings.


In addition to the Varilyte™ benefits, - check the other Mycrolyte™ features:

  • Professional image quality - Our, high intensity, 2.0 megapixal color camera, with its excellent resolution and lighting controls will create crystal clear images for nearly every display and publication application.
  • Zoom in on your images and focus instantly - The parfocal, 18 - 108mm macro zoom lens, with its manual focus and iris, allows you to change your magnification from any position without moving the camera.
  • Mycrolyte™ unbreakable workstation - The 16" X 13" workstation is so sturdy that the articulating arm can function out to 10" in any direction and, even with this large zoom lens, your camera will be stable anywhere over the base and your image will be steady.
  • Adapt to any trinocular microscope - Makes the camera transfer from macro to your microscope so simple that you can do it in seconds:
  • High magnification for close-up imaging - Zoom in and dissect small specimens; 85X is routine on most full-size monitors. Or use your projector to display your images to larger groups.
  • Attachable 48 array LED ring illuminator with variable intensity control for overhead illumination.


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