Genelyte™ Standard Probe Station

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Examine our new micropositioning systems for wafer and hybrid circuit testing for industrial and educational applications.  Available with a variety of scopes, cameras and illuminators, GENELYTE™ is the affordable match for dozens of probing and inspection uses.

Genelyte™ Work Station

  • Unique mounting design allows for the addition of a full range of stereo microscopes.
  • Micropositioner channels are in all four   quadrants and allow for the placement of up to twelve units on each station 
  • Articulating focus arm allows for easy scope installation and positioning. 
  • Raised base provides room underneath for keeping wires, and tubes out of the way.

Mycrotouch™  Micropositioners

  • 32 threads per inch for resolution to 15 µ.
  • Unique conduit through the X-axis to route wire conductors out of the work area.
  • Ambidextrous:  May be used on any side.
  • ¾" of backlash free travel on all three axes.
  • Unique pole and bracket mounts for easy positioning from any direction or angle.

Mycropoint™  Probe Holders and Probes

  • Friction fit probe lock. No screws to tighten.
  • Full insulation; conduct your procedures  without the risk of shock.
  • Preset with a 45° tip bend for .020" shank diameter probes.
  • Probes available, 10 per box with 5 µ, 25 µ, and 50 µ point diameters

Mycroglide™  Vacuum Stage

  • Centerless rotation for visual squaring and precise sample orientation.
  • Two inches of backlash free travel in any path for point-to-point movement.
  • Precise level movement without refocusing.
  • Top surface:  brass with ground connector
  • Electrical isolation: very high; ½" pyrex glass and ¼" delrin.

Our Genelyte™ Probe Station, pictured above, includes the Mycroglide™ stage, eight Mycrotouch™ micropositioners, eight Mycropoint™ probe holders, and two boxes of Mycropoint™ probes.

Please call us  for help on a microscope, illumination system and a camera that best fits your needs.


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