EmCal Stereolyte™ Stereo Microscope (Corded)

$265.00  $219.00
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Three Dual Magnification Choices Plus Top and Bottom Lighting

Completely portable - Carry it anywhere - Ready to use - No cords (cordless) - No outlets - No restrictions!

Terrific in the classroom, or at night on a field trip!! The StereoLyte™ uses outstanding optics, heat free, top and bottom, illumination and rechargeable batteries, to produce imaging excellence, convenience, and versatility that never existed in a stereo before.
Now it's a reality and very affordable.


  • Absolute portability and dependability. Use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Side by side LED bulbs generate top and bottom lighting that's bright and uniform.
  • LED bulbs produce reliable illumination with no heat and last over 10,000 hours. 
  • The 45 degree inclined viewing head, with its diopter and interpupillary controls allow complete ease of focus and observation through the eyepieces. 
  • A selection of dual magnification combinations are available to fit your specific needs: (See below)
  • Limited lifetime warranty!


The most popular model is the 10X - 30X magnification. Consider your options: Six StereoLyte™ magnification combinations are available. Do not hesitate to contact us for model numbers and technical assistance regarding your intended application. 

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Stereolyte WP Dual Power

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